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Sébastien Deschamps

There’s a Better Way to Move People for Work

Relocation and global mobility management software come together to help your organisation hire, welcome and retain people for work globally.

HR environment:


ReloTalent provides all the tools you need to implement your international mobility programs from start to finish. Reduce your administrative tasks and speed up the mobility of your employees.

Your information is managed securely and is accessible in a single space. You access automated task lists, task and process reminders, all within a fully compliant system.


  • Relocation management : Track relocation services, immigration, taxes and moves in one place. Anticipate friction points and carry out ever more efficient relocations.

  • Conformity : Keep all your employee data and compliance processes in one place. Lead your processes perfectly at each step and for each of the stakeholders.

  • Employee experience : Recruit and and prepare your transfers with confidence. Offer your employees a unique and seamless relocation experience through HR communications, supplier interactions via an intuitive mobile application

  • Cost projections : Manage your mobility program budgets with interactive cost projection and exception management tools. Create salary cost calculations for all assignment types.

  • Reporting and Analysis  : Instantly view key indicators and analyses for conditions within your company. Optimize your mobility program with our company reporting.

  • Supplier management : Work with your usual relocation agencies on the platform or access a network of quality ReloTalent partners. Easily manage contracts and renewal dates.



Assignee Environment:


ReloTalent empowers companies to significantly increase employee satisfaction and retention as part of their international mobility programs.

  • Engage employees with comprehensive and personalized welcome communications in their mobile application.

  • Secure sensitive employee data in full compliance at every step of its integration.

  • Guide your employees from the day their assignment is announced to their first day of work on site and strengthen the level of engagement with them





Agnès Mentil

Beyond Performance is an international coaching, training & consulting firm in the management of people and organizations.


To support you, we offer you a tailor-made service, on 5 continents and in 12 languages.


Our local and graduate coaches support you in a close alliance, so that you can find a local and global presence and solutions, for the control of the adaptation and performance process to your new environment: career management, leadership, management of your intercultural team, projects of members of your expatriate family and impatriation.


We are committed to facilitating performance and development - personal and collective - and enabling our clients to develop their skills and succeed in the challenge of any intercultural mission.


Services offered

International mobility support is the global theme. This theme covers services tailored to customer needs:

  • Intercultural management: leadership, integration and taking up positions, motivation and follow-up of employees, team cohesion

  • Professional orientation: inclusion of expatriation in a global career challenge, support for the professional orientation of expatriate high school students

  • Individual or co-development support for spouses and family: cultural transition and support for parenting in an expatriate environment, personal and professional projects

  • Impatriation


Depending on customer needs and requests, these themes can be addressed in training, individual or collective support (in the context of families, particularly in a co-development mode)


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