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The history of the network

The History of Bienvenue

Founded in 2018 with a global vision

Bienvenue Relocation Network emerged from a clear vision in 2018: to establish a worldwide network that unites small, dedicated relocation businesses under one banner. We recognized the growing need for personalized, locally-informed relocation services on a global scale, and set out to meet this demand.

Building a community of experts

Our journey began by connecting a diverse array of small relocation businesses, each with deep local knowledge and a shared commitment to exceptional service. We saw immense value in the expertise of local businesses, which often gets overlooked in the global relocation industry dominated by larger corporations. By bringing these experts together, we aimed to offer a unique, personalized experience to expatriates worldwide.

A network driven by local insight and personal touch

At the heart of Bienvenue’s ethos is the belief that the best relocation support comes from those who truly understand the local context. Our network members are carefully selected for their intimate knowledge of their respective locales, ensuring that every client benefits from genuine insights and tailored advice.

Expanding reach, maintaining quality

Since our inception, Bienvenue has steadily grown, but our core values remain unchanged. We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that our expansion never compromises the personalized service that defines us. Each new member of the network is chosen not just for their expertise, but for their alignment with our philosophy of providing a supportive, hands-on relocation experience.

Looking to the future

As we look ahead, Bienvenue Relocation Network is committed to enhancing our global presence while staying true to our roots. We continue to innovate and adapt, ensuring that we meet the evolving needs of expatriates and businesses around the world, all while maintaining the local charm and personalized care that our clients have come to expect.

Join us in our journey, and experience the difference that a network built on passion, local expertise, and a personal touch can make in your relocation experience.

Agility, Responsiveness, Customer service quality, Professionalism, Rigour
Agility, Responsiveness, Customer service quality, Professionalism, Rigour