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Our mission, vision, values

The Bienvenue ! mission

Bienvenue ! – the French-Speaking Relocation Network – brings together relocation professionals from around the world.

Its goal is to support companies, public organizations, and individuals with their international mobility projects.

Its strength is to offer homogeneous services with unmatched quality, ethics and professionalism, around the world.

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Our vision
Leaders in personalised relocation: Global Vision and Local Expertise
Our goal is to simplify and harmonize the relocation process for businesses and individuals by providing personalized support at every stage.
By combining global reach with locally rooted expertise, we aim to ensure a smooth and successful transition for our clients, taking into account their specific needs for each destination.
We aspire to be the top choice for seamless and customized relocation, respecting the linguistic, cultural, and logistical nuances of each country.


Excellence values and Customer-centric approach
Our values reflect our commitment to excellence in relocation services with a customer-centric approach
Bienvenue ! is dedicated to understanding the specific needs of each client, providing personalized support in their personal and professional transitions.
Integrity, professionalism, and ethics are key values. Members are committed to acting transparently and adhering to the highest professional standards.
Commitment to service quality is a fundamental value. Bienvenue ! Relocation Network members aim to offer high-quality services to meet clients’ needs effectively and professionally. All members of Bienvenue ! share a common will to assist their corporate clients, expats, and customers.
Respect for cultural diversity is a fundamental value to help clients adapt to new environments. Bienvenue ! does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.
Collaboration, whether with other network members or local partners, is essential to providing comprehensive service to clients. All our partners share the same values, and we support each other among actors from different countries.
Members of Bienvenue ! Relocation Network commit to maintaining rigor, professionalism, responsiveness, and transparency. They provide personalized services to meet the specific needs of each client.
Agility, Responsiveness, Customer service quality, Professionalism, Rigour
Agility, Responsiveness, Customer service quality, Professionalism, Rigour