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Bienvenue Relocation Network in December 2023

By Bienvenue!
28 December 2023
Bienvenue Relocation Network in December 2023

Welcome to our monthly recap!
Each month, we address different topics that bring to light our members worldwide.

These are the ones covered in December:

  • Member Spotlight
  • News from members
  • Cultural Corner: Favourite Food, Holidays

Member Spotlight

Elisa Khetty is a woman of many talents. She has been the head of Helma International for the last 13 years, and the VP of the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce (IFCCI) in South India at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Additionally, she is a French Foreign Trade Advisor and Director of Helma in Germany and China. Lastly, she is a mother of two and an avid yogi.

You guessed it right, Elisa and her team are our representatives in India. They provide international mobility services including immigration and work permits, orientation tour, temporary accommodation, home search, settling-in, school search, departure services, move management, and intercultural training. Check this post to know more about Elisa.

News From Members

All World Transport-AWT outlined the causes behind the ongoing maritime transport crisis in the Red Sea and its consequences. Check this post to learn more.

The minimum wage in France is set to increase by 1.13% at the start of 2024. This adjustment has implications for various immigration categories, such as the Passeport Talent, altering the minimum required wage conditions. Additionally, this change affects foreign students aiming to secure employment after completing their Master’s studies in France, with the required minimum annual gross salary for them now reaching €42,406.08—an amount that may be considered relatively high for recent graduates. A note of appreciation is extended to Sofime Relocation for providing this informative update!

Cultural Corner

One of the common questions among expatriates is, “What’s the most popular dish in your country?” This is also what we asked all our members. Our members in China have introduced us to the world of bite-sized delights; Dim Sum is a treasure trove of delectable steamed, fried, or baked dumplings, buns, and snacks.

Originating from the lively kitchens of China, Dim Sum has traversed the world, enchanting taste buds with its distinctive flavours and textures.

Savour the experience of Dim Sum during leisurely brunches or lively gatherings. Traditionally presented in bamboo steamers, it offers a social dining experience to be shared and savoured. Check this post to know more about Dim Sum.

Anne-Laure Teroni, our local representative, holds Escalade dear – a celebration that symbolizes historical triumph and unity, making it one of her favourite festivities!

The night of December 11th-12th, 1602, marked the valiant defence of Geneva against Savoyard invaders, a historical event commemorated by the festival of Escalade. Check this post to know more about this celebration.

Holiday Greetings
2023 was a mix of events, from the complexities of the past year (2022), encompassing economic, geopolitical, and personal challenges. Despite these difficulties, our members emphasized the resilience displayed through unity and collaboration in Bienvenue, The French-Speaking Relocation Network. As the holidays approach, Bienvenue, The French-Speaking Relocation Network invites you to revel in the warmth of peace and joy, revitalizing our spirits with hope as we near 2024. Check this post to know more about this.

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Agility, Responsiveness, Customer service quality, Professionalism, Rigour