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Bienvenue Relocation Network in January 2024

By Bienvenue!
2 February 2024
Bienvenue Relocation Network in January 2024

Welcome to our monthly recap!

Each month, we address different topics that bring to light our members worldwide.

These are the ones covered in January:

  • What’s new at Bienvenue Relocation Network?
  • News from members
  • Cultural Corner: Wishing Happy New Year ; HR tips

What’s new at Bienvenue Relocation Network?

We are starting the year with a bang! The French-Speaking Relocation Network is thrilled to unveil our revamped website, thanks to AdgenSii. Our previous website, dating back to 2018, was due for a makeover, and we couldn’t be more excited about the results. We extend our gratitude for the seamless communication, the responsiveness of the project team, and the swift completion of the project. Take a look and share your thoughts.

Welcome to Lisbon! Last week, 22 of our members gathered for our annual conference, this time in the splendid, sunny city of Lisbon. Our network, which has previously organized events in London, Munich, and Marrakech, as well as virtually during the last three years of the pandemic, celebrated the occasion with a captivating video summarizing the highlights. We express our gratitude to all members who were present physically and online, including our partners and board members, for their commitment and support. Hopefully, next year allows the participation of all our members and partners to make this event even more memorable!

Our members thrive on a blend of energizing workouts, a vibrant atmosphere, and shared laughter, as demonstrated during our recent conference. Mari-Liis Garcia, our coordinator, led a refreshing “office yoga” pause that sparked contagious laughter and active participation from everyone. The success and enjoyment of this activity have inspired us to seamlessly integrate office yoga into our company culture, adding a dynamic and enjoyable dimension to our work environment. Check this post to know more.

Member Spotlight

Christelle Labesse-Cronenberg is the dynamic force behind Relocation Experts. As the founder and our dedicated representative in Düsseldorf, she oversees operations in Germany and Switzerland. With an impressive 16 years of experience, Christelle and her team have been pivotal in assisting expatriates in navigating the complexities of relocation in Germany. Their comprehensive services include Discovery Tours, Temporary Housing Search, Permanent Home Finding, Immigration and Visa Procedures, Administrative and Logistic Support, Departure Assistance, and Concierge Services. Check this post to know more about Christelle.

Cultural Corner

As pointed out by our partner member GAPSMOOV, the timing of wishing “Happy New Year” can vary from one culture to another. Check this post and let us know when it is customary to extend these wishes, or answer the following question: when is it customary to extend these wishes?

In Britain, the emphasis on punctuality reflects the high value placed on being on time, with lateness often seen as impolite. It is considered essential to communicate in advance if you anticipate being late for a meeting. The strong British work ethic is closely tied to this cultural norm, highlighting the significance of respecting scheduled times. Check this post to learn more about punctuality in Britain.

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Agility, Responsiveness, Customer service quality, Professionalism, Rigour
Agility, Responsiveness, Customer service quality, Professionalism, Rigour